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Do you manage a entertainment agency?
Join to the agents team of the quiz game for pubs, Dr.Why!

What is Dr. Why?

Dr.Why is an interactive Quiz game that gives customers in clubs and pubs the opportunity to experience the excitement of TV quizzes. A speaker leads the match by reading the questions projected on the screens, comments on the results and offers tributes to the best players. You can answer in real time with the controller or with a tablet. Irreplaceable, Dr.Why agencies organize, conduct and promote local and pub events throughout the national territory.

8.000+ Pub

65 Agencies

2.000.000+ Players

50.000+ Questions

Why become a Dr.Why agent?

The agent will first of all take advantage of the reputation of the Dr. Why brand which has been having success with numerous agencies for 20 years, and will benefit from all the experience in the entertainment sector in clubs and pubs gained over the years.

We are confident that we will be able to transfer our experience to you because everything that has happened to you has already happened to us.

In addition, you can add to your range of offers a successful product loved by everyone on the world, managing appointments in complete autonomy, organizing and managing your calendar of events in full autonomy.

What do you need?

You can become part of the selected list of agents of the quiz game Dr.Why by purchasing one of the starter kits including the license to use the software and all the necessary equipment to carry out the matches in the best way. To meet any need we have different types of starter kits.

Buy a kit

You can choose from a number of alternatives by purchasing the Dr.Why starter kit that best suits your needs. The kit including all the necessary equipment to play and independently conduct the matches in clubs and pubs.

Main features

  • An archive of 50,000+ questions;
  • Unpublished questions every day;
  • Original content in continuous update (graphics, animations, video and audio);
  • Thematic graphics for every match;
  • 100% Made in Italy.

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