Dr.Why is an interactive Quiz game for Bars and Pubs

Dr.Why is an interactive Quiz game that gives customers in clubs and pubs the opportunity to experience the excitement of "Who wants to be a millionaire" TV quizzes.
The fun reaches the highest levels because the teams are constantly fighting against time and against other tables. The management of the match is managed by a speaker who reads the questions projected on the screens, comments on the results and offers free gifts to the best players.

Who conducts the match can choose the type of game, the difficulty and the "crazy" questions for the match.
Can also select the thematic category of the game by choosing from several possible main topics. The crazy questions is a "game in the game", is a special moments with games of skill that test the sensory skills of the players.

8.000+ Pub

65 Agencies

2.000.000+ Players

50.000+ Questions

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Born for the enjoyment of any type of audience, Dr.Why is also suitable for cheering corporate events of various types. Below are some of the companies that have chosen us. Visit the Business section

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Some recent Quiz games played in Europe

There are more and more pubs where you can play Dr.Why 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the challenge is always open!

R25 Tapas bar
R25 Tapas bar
Insports Bar
White House Pub
Paradise Cafè
Castiço Wine Bar
Johnnie Fox's
Midnight Pub'n Live
Free Time's Pub
Mr. Mad Morena

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Area giocatori

Consulta classifiche e tornei live per sapere in che posizione ti trovi. Giocare al Dr.Why è semplicissimo! Basta formare un gruppo di amici, scegliere uno degli oltre 400 locali che settimanalmente svolgono la serata e chiedere allo staff una pulsantiera.

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